Our first blog (entry)

Hi. Hello. What’s up. Welcome. How do you start a blog?! Since this is our first time, we have no idea and decided to go with a simple hey!

So, let’s get to the important questions right away:

  • What kind of blog is this?
  • Why should you be interested in it?
  • And why do we think we are qualified to do this?

First off, we are Elisa and Matthias. In alphabetical order. Elisa is responsible for growing our non-profit organization, Perpetuum Mobility e. V, while Matthias does everything Elisa doesn’t really want to do. That’s enough personal information for now. After all, this is not supposed to be an autobiography. Well, alright. Not a complete one.

In this blog, you will find detailed articles about interesting ideas to make our world a little bit more sustainable. We want to present businesses, communities and people who lead by example and live sustainability in an innovative way. In doing so, we will focus on a certain aspect that really stands out. Usually from our own experiences or related topics. That could basically be everything. A clever building, a fancy faucet or a concept that is based on sharing.

That way, little by little, we’ll be building up a collection of best practices that hopefully will inspire you to realize one idea or another. By the way, this is also where the name of this blog comes from. „Bispill“ is Plattdeutsch (Low German) for example. And that is exactly what we want to show. Examples for a more sustainable life.

Why us? That’s simple: Because we like to write. And because we are convinced that easy to understand knowledge is most sustainable. Especially, if it is conveyed in a fun way. So, even if sometimes we use unnecessary idioms or incomprehensible words such as “idioms”, we just want to do one thing: combine learning and having fun. If we succeed, well, we’ll see.  

Alright, enough with the chatting now. Have fun with our articles. See you soon.

Elisa & Matthias

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