Network Partners

We are convinced that we can achieve more together. Especially if you plan on doing something great. That is why we enter into parnterships with organizations that share our goals. We are then able to help each other, use synergies and give you even more opportunities to profit from our services.

Having a Blue Awareness is more than just KNOWING about the problem in the ocean, it rather means FEELING it. It triggers the first step of the journey from being part of the problem towards being part of the solution.

We need emotions to trigger actions and idols who we can follow in order to overcome such a big challenge. That is what Blue Awareness offers: not only a logical, but an emotional understanding that motivates us to take the first steps. More.

Bundesverband Junge Energie e.V. (BJE) is an open platform for cooperations for universities and cities.

As an umbrella organization, we are offering our members the chance to connect, educate and exchange. Together with our supporting members we are allowing for a constant exchange between science and practice – always thinking outside the box. More.

The organization “Niedersachsen für Europa” (Lower Saxony for Europe) is broadly based in society. The founding members have the common goal of promoting European integration, developing the European Union as a unique project for peace on European soil and strengthening international understanding and collaboration as well as carrying it into the future. More.

Partner organizations

To be able to offer and execute the highest possible amount of high-quality projects, we are working with an international network of partner organizations. These are helping us develop and organize projects and allow us to send participants to their activities. This way, our members have the chance to visit other countries, get to know different cultures, learn a new language or just broaden their horizon.