Support our projects and help us grow. Every donation helps. Wether you want to make a financial contribution or are interested in a cooperation. We are happy to hear from you.

We want to make our events available for everyone who is interested in our ideas. You are always welcome. Thanks to several supporters and sponsors, most of our activities are completely free of charge for you. To fund these activities, we appreciate every contribution.

If you want to donate, please feel free to use our bank account or the donate button below.

Donations account:

Account holder: Perpetuum Mobility e. V.
Bank: Raiffeisen-Volksbank Fresena
IBAN: DE07 2836 1592 7100 7350 00

Donation receipts are being issued automatically for donations starting at EUR 200. This way, we can keep administration costs low. If you need a receipt for a donation below EUR 200, just contact us.

Please keep in mind that we need your full name and address in order to send you a donation receipt.

In Germany, donations for up to EUR 200 can be certified with a simplified donation receipt along with a confirmation of payment (§ 50 Abs. 4 Einkommensteuerdurchführungsverordnung). You can find our donation receipt here: Simplified donation receipt.

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