Our Events

Our events are for everyone who is interested in sustainability, environmental protection and personal development. We want to take on these challenges in a variety of ways. All activities have one thing in common: we want to combine learning and being active with having fun.


You have already read dozens of articles about sustainable life and still don’t really know how to implement the ideas for on own? Then we are the perfect match for you. At our local events it is all about one thing: action. We are combining the required knowledge with “Do it yourself” activities and a lot of fun. Whether we are taking old clothes and creating something new, making our own deodorant or growing indoor plants – we will try everything. Do you have any other ideas?


At our events we show you in different ways why environmental protection is important. One example is our yearly event, the Nordsee Clean Up. It is important for us to hear your voice and give you a stage to realize your ideas to make our region more sustainable. You are good at making bread, are an expert in mobility or are just very good at stand up paddling? Let’s see how your interests can be combined with sustainability.

International Projects

At our international projects, participants from different European countries are coming together to learn something about a specific topic. That could be “Sustainable comsumption” or “Dancing as teaching method”. In a multicultural setting, you can learn more about yourself, your goals and how to achieve them. Additionally, it makes a whole lot of fun. Our projects are financially supported, so that the costs are very low for you. Interested?

We want to make our events available for everyone who is interested in our ideas. You are always welcome. Thanks to several supporters and sponsors, most of our activities are completely free of charge for you.

Interested? Contact us. Or take a look at our upcoming events below. And what we already did in the past.

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