About Us

Perpetuum Mobility

Perpetuum Mobility is a new youth organisation founded on Norderney in Northern Germany. We are focusing on promoting sustainability and environmental protection while empowering the youth both locally and internationally. The name arose from the latin term ‘perpetuum mobile’, which describes a construct that, once initiated, is moving constantly without the need of an external source of energy.

This construct very well fits the organisation’s mentality, which wants to enable and facilitate the change towards a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable environment. Combined with mobility, which refers to multiple topics such as mobility of individuals, urbanisation and technical innovations, it is the basis for positive future developments.

There is an evolution of mobility that opens new opportunities to connect, exchange and create. Our aim is to develop and to use the combined potential of an intercultural generation to promote a sustainable way of living.

Our Objectives

Life in Europe, especially in Germany, is usually very much worth living. To make sure that this will also be the case in the future and that even more people can profit from it, we are advocating for sustainability on an economic, ecological and social level.

To achieve that, we are promoting awareness, reflected thinking and acting proactively. Toward both the environment and other people.

We are convinced that we can only master the great challenges of the future together. This is where we start.

Our Approach

You already read dozens of articles about sustainable life and still don’t really know how to implement the ideas for your own? Then we are the perfect match for you. At our local events it is all about one thing: ACTION.

Besides classical clean-ups, we are doing workshops and projects in which we will show you simple steps that help you make an impact. And how to take these steps.

Our Team


Founder & Director

“I want to create an atmosphere in which nobody takes themselves too seriously.”



“Let’s brunch & brainstorm & and change the world.”


Finance & Legal

“You do what you like – I’ll take care of everything else.”



“Do what you like, but think about the consequences and weigh them against the potential effects.”

Take Action

Stay informed, spread the news, become a member, be creative, take part in unique projects, workshops, seminars and events or help us organize them.

Come over, get involved or create a project you always wanted to do with our support.